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In Memory of the Love of my Life, my beautiful wife
Nancy Reese, May 8, 1952 - April 3, 2009

Nancy Reese, May 8, 1952 - April 3, 2009

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Below is an entry in the journal of Sheri Mowery, which she wrote after Nancy
discovered her cancer had returned in 2003.

My friend, Nancy, has cancer. It is her enemy. I am sure she is angry and afraid,
but she faces this thing with such strength and dignity. Through it she continues to praise and trust God.
I admire her more than I, than I am able say.

by Sheri Mowery

This is my beginning,

The opening of a new door.

Finding now what is required.

These shall be the days

Of my prosperity

As understanding comes

In mysterious ways.

Man's days are numbered.

I am one who knows the truth of it.

Grace is sufficient,

The only thing eternal

That man can grasp,

Ever becoming a part of who He is.

So with dignity I will claim my prize

Determined to meet immortality

Abounding in it.

For the God of my praise is come

And He whispers His greatness

To me.

~ For Nancy Reese 6-29-03 ~



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