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SIMON PETER BAND (with Mike Reese) 2008 SCHEDULE


Many of you in this area already know Simon Peter (we're talking about the band here, not the disciple fisher guy, OK?) You know what a great Christian country band they were and how many great songs they wrote and played together, with Jeff Andrews as their main singer/songwriter. They ministered all over this area and blessed a lot of people. Well tragically, Jeff 's life was cut short - at least from our perspective - a few months ago and the band was pretty much in limbo. Jeff had a rich, deep voice reminiscent of Elvis himself, and so was virtually irreplacable for the type of music they had been doing.

The remaining members included Dave Hetrick on lead guitar and vocals and Jerry Farrington on bass. I have known Hetrick forever and there just aren't many guitar players around here that are as smooth and creative on that thing as he is. One of the best blues/rock guitartists I know of anywhere. I tried years ago to get him to start a band with me but he was already committed to SP.

After Jeff passed away, Dave called me one day and asked if I would be interested in coming on board. They wanted to go into a new direction musically and asked if I would be interested. Are you kidding? I've been praying for this.

Although I did not know Farrington before joing SP, it has been a total pleasure getting to know this humble and incredibly gifted musician. His first love is jazz guitar and what he brings to the table as a bass player is a unique and intricate understanding of music along with a stunning technique.

The original drummer, who was also top notch, left shortly after I joined (I often have that effect on people). But lo and behold, Dave called another old friend of ours, Greg Purlee. Now Greg was in a progressive Rock band a few years back called Lovewar. Some of you may remember. Tim Bushong played lead guitar and sang lead vocals and Rick Armstrong played bass. The CD they made on the Pakaderm/Word label was called "Soak Your Brain".

Greg is my drummer of choice. I have wanted to be in a band with him for years too. When Dave called and told me the drummer had quit, both of us knew we wanted to ask Greg to join and neither of us expected him to say yes. But he did. Now it's a reality. What a blessing.

Now we are in the process of learning each other's music and writing new stuff. We still do a few of Jeff's songs, but like I said, his unique voice and the country style are gone and Simon Peter is taking a new turn musically.

I think the heart of the band is still the same. Like the fisherman, we are just a bunch of men who Jesus changed. Not perfect, in many ways deeply flawed, but loved by God Himself. We hope you will come and see us sometime. More than that, we hope you get to know Jesus and that your faith in Him will grow.