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Pencil Portraits - Personal Touch Portraits   
An exciting, interesting and affordable concept in portraiture. Artist Richard Hackett came up
with this idea several years ago and it is a great way to have a portrait of someone you love
coupled with an illustration that portrays an aspect of their personality, or even a hobby or occupation.
Mr. Hackett illustrated over 70 themes in pencil and reproduced them on a high quality paper.
There is blank space left in each illustration to allow for the addition of an original portrait in pencil.

1. Select Photo

2. Select Background
Click for Portrait Detail
3. Finished Portrait ( click on image for portrait detail)
To have one of these portraits in your home or office, simply follow these three steps:
1. Choose from the list of available background illustrations listed below that depict a favorite past-tme,
sport, hobby, or occupation.
2. Choose a good, clear photo, (preferably 5"x 7" or larger) either color or black and white.
Remember that this is a "what you see is what you get" situation, so make sure the photo you send
me is one you really like.
3. Mail or e-mail that photo to me along with the name of the chosen background and I will begin
your portrait. If you live in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, we can arrange to meet if you prefer.
My mailing address is:
Mike Reese
6580 CR 427 Auburn, IN, 46706
E-mail to:

Pricing: 17"x 22" - $60.00 Based on head and shoulders, one person, as shown in these samples.
Add $60 for each additional person. Only the Wedding and Anniversary lithoprints have enough space
for two figures. Add 10% for shipping and handling.
Note: All of my portraits are guaranteed - that is if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it.
However, once the portrait is accepted and paid for, there will be no refunds.
Sorry, I do not offer framing at this time.

1. Select a Photo

2. Select a background
Click to View Portrait Detail
3. Finished Portrait (click on image for portrait detail)
Personal Touch Litho Backgrounds
Scroll down and click on each title to view background illustration. If you are using a Mac,
you may have to right click or control click and select "open in new window" Each background is 17"x 22".
Use your browser's "Back"button to return to this page after viewing a background.

AnniversaryFishingRoller Skating
Baton TwirlersHockeySoftball-Female & Male
BicyclingHorseback Riding-AdultSouthwest Desert Landscape
Bikes-Youth BMXHorseback Riding-YouthSwimming and Diving
Body BuildingIce SkatingTrack and Field-Female
Bow HuntingKittens and KidsTrack and Field-Male
BowlingLacrosseUnited States Air Force
BoxingLawEnforcementUnited States Army
Building TradesMartial ArtsUnited States Coast Guard
Butterflies and RosesMedical ProfessionsUnited States Marines
CheerleadersMusic-Country & GospelUnited States Navy
Dancing-Adult BalletMusic-Marching BandVolleyball
Dancing-Youth BalletMusic-OrchestraWeddings and Proms
Dancing-SquareNorth Wilderness Landscape
Dancing-Tap and JazzOak Leaves and Ivy
Dirt Bikes and ATVOval with Leaves (16"x20")
Ducks, Chicks and BunnyOval with Roses (16"x20")
Emergency Rescue SquadPuppies
Farm-Animals and ActivitiesPuppies-w/kids
Fire FightersRodeo