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This page is a reference guide for photos submitted for either caricatures or portraits.

When selecting photos, please think about the artist and his view of you.
If I were sitting 3 or 4 feet from you, how big would my head be on your computer screen?

Also, to ensure a fun caricature, the subject should be smiling, unless that's totally out of character for them.

Remember, if you are wanting more that one person in the final art, they DO NOT have to be in the same picture.

PLEASE NOTE – in 99% of cases pictures from FACEBOOK are too small for faces, They can be OK for body shape only.
As a rule of thumb, the photo should be at least 250 kb, but larger is always better.

Here are some examples of photos, good and bad:



This picture is too dark, too blurry and too small


Size is better, (around 250 kb) but still too dark to see detail.


^ This photo is about 500 kb and is clear with some nice shading on the left side.

These photos would be juuuust right to work from.

> This photo is about 1megabyte and as you can tell, all
features and eye color are easy to see.



Below are a couple of examples of photos that would be especially good for a portrait, because of the added benefit of more dramatic lighting, bringing out the roundness of the features.


  Send me your ideas and let's get started!


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