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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Portraits!

In case you are new to portraiture, let me tell you a little bit about it. A portrait is something you can keep in your family literally for generations. If properly framed, the materials used - museum quality paper and pastel pencils - will last for decades without fading or discoloring. Your portrait will be drawn on a toned paper with a dark pastel and white pastel highlights.

The likeness acheived in your portrait is of course an extremely important element. This is why it is also extremely important that the photograph be one that you really like. I am limited to the visual information the photo gives me, so it should be very clear and cover about half of your computer screen when you open it. For other tips on photo submissions, click on the "photo tips" link below.

The procedure is very simple. After I receive your photo of the person whose portrait you want, I will begin. Once the protrait is finished or nearly finished, I will email you a copy for your approval. Upon approval, I will add finishing touches as necessary and then arrange for delivery of your completed portrait.

All portraits will be done to your satisfaction.

To Order:
1. Email me the size you would like along with the photo you want me to use. Include any instructions you may have.
2. Prices for portraits start at $125 for a head and shoulders portrait up to 16" x 20" . Each additional subject is $110. Let me know if you want a different size or more of the figure included.
3. I request half of the agreed upon price before beginning the portrait. Once that is received I will start. Paypal is my preferred method of payment. You do not need to have a Paypal account to use this online service.
4. When the likeness is achieved, I will email you a low resolution copy for approval. Once approval is received, I will complete the portrait and send you a final invoice which will include the shipping and handling fee.
5. After I receive final payment, I will ship your portrait.

Click here to go to the photo tips page

Below are some sample portraits
All portraits are $125 for head and shoulders for all sizes up to 16" x 20".
All prices are per person.
High quality Prints available for family and friends, contact me for a quote.
Morgan Freeman
  Michelle Bachman
Baby Fair Portrait   BFairPhoto



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